Time Magazine Article (a START Experience assignment)

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Those who know Ryan Feltman, know just how much of an open book he is. Few, including Ryan ever thought his life would ever get printed into a real book.  It’s within these pages that Ryan lays it out for all to see.

Throughout his life, Ryan never really had it together and still is far from perfect, but maybe that’s why his story is receiving much attention.  Ryan shares stories of failure, of struggles and God’s great grace in the midst of it all.  From fighting through depression, to relationships that failed, and the one that has flourished when others never gave it much hope.

Its this relationship that has given Ryan a platform to reach others in a similar situation. Ryan, a Youth Ministry veteran, suffered a moral failure at an early age, one that led to the pregnancy of a young woman in the community he was serving in. Through the struggle of what life would bring, what path to take, and the fear of how God would use them now, Ryan discovers a grace that he was familiar teaching, but a grace that few rarely fully experience.  Its this grace and hope that Ryan speaks, and through these pages that Ryan not only tells his story, but also where he hopes others will find grace, redemption, and a way to protect others from similar temptations.


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