What’s Your Spiritual Weakness?

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Life, Youth Ministry

This morning I had the opportunity to preach at my own church, and the passage of scripture was on Nehemiah 8.  Although I’ve often times found sermon prep and delivery to be challenging, I found that this morning was more convicting on me personally than most I’ve preached.
The idea today was rediscovering the Word. That in Nehemiah 8, the people stand and hear the Law of Moses and stay there for 6 hours, weeping and rejoicing. They have been so far displaced, that they forgot the importance of the Word.
I find myself there right now.
As a youth pastor, as a seminary student. I’ve found it easy to write off my personal time reading the Bible because I do it so much for school and work.
What area in your spiritual life do you find most difficult?

  1. mmmm to be honest the most difficult part of spirituality is BELIEVE
    i’m thinking on “THIS IS TRUE” then!!! everything gone away……


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